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Round Lake (RL in short) is a visiting card of BYSA Different-Equal. Since 1999 a ten-day summer camp is held annually on the coast of a lake, a river or a water basin. 25-40 young people from different cites of Belarus and other countries usually take part in it. Incidentally, a great part of the participants are people with some physical restrictions, including the young on the wheelchairs. The essential feature of Round Lake for Belarus is that during the camp  the healthy and the disabled people have equal possibility for rest, going in role playing, sport competitions and getting-together by the campfire. Such a close interaction facilitates the participants analyse  their feelings, understand other people and convince them of the fact that only by our active decisions  each of us can change this life for better.

    The first Round Lake was held in 1999 on the frontier of Vitebsk and Minsk region, on the coast of lake Shvakshty [Швакшты].In 2000 the camp took place near lake Beloe [Белое], Brest region. The third international festival was arranged on the coast of  water basin Pleshchenitsy [Плещеницы] Logoisk district  [Логойский район], Minsk region.  In 2002 the place of the camp was reservoir Vileiskoe [Вилейское]. Besides that it was carried out not far from the river Neman, Stolbtsy [Столбцы] distict and Rodoshkovichy  [Радошковичи ] water basin, Minsk region.

    For many people Round Lake, with its detachment from the everyday comfort, tourist-camping living conditions, becomes a  real adventure, a wonderful discovery, attracts like a magnet. Participants and volunteers from Germany, Czechia, Russia and other European countries look forward for the next Round Lake and it makes them get over long distances. And all this is  only for the possibility to stay there another ten days. So, what is the secret of Round Lake’s appeal? It may become clear for us after reading the diaries of Round lake participants and the information below.

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    Летний интеграционный палаточный лагерь-семинар «Круглое озеро-2023»: отдохни с пользой!

    Белорусское молодежное общественное объединение «Разные-Равные» приглашает молодых людей от 18-ти до 30-ти лет (в том числе и тех, у кого есть различные физические ограничения) провести 10 самых активных, веселых, увлекательных и познавательных дней в летнем интеграционном палаточном лагере-семинаре «Круглое озеро-2023». Целью лагеря является активизация и интеграция молодежи.

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    Дорогие мамы и папы

    Белорусское молодежное общественное объединение «Разные-Равные» приглашает вас принять участие в семинаре для молодых родителей с инвалидностью «Счастливый ребенок – счастливая семья».

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