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    MoloKo (МолоКо – abbreviation of Russian “Молодежная Комната”) – is a youth area, where young people can and want to feel freedom and independence, despite of their physical and other restrictions.
If you like interesting communication meetings and valuable information, come to our meetings, known under the common name – VSTRECHI.


    These seminars were a part of a similar project WE ARE TOGETHER which is dedicated to the integration of young people with physical restrictions, with no mental disorders and people of the same age (18-31 years old) without ones. The project was carried out with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labour  of  the Republic of Belarus support  


    The project was aimed at informing disabled people at the age of 18-31 and their possible employers about the methods of solving problems connected with job placement through the skill development and education.  This programme consists of three seminars.


    BYSA Different-Equal presents…If you are interested in cinema art and life of extraordinary people, come to our series of video projection KINO BEZ OGRANICHENNYH VOZMOZHNOSTEI. You’ll be given a unique chance
to watch films – winners of  the international cinema festival KINO BEZ BAR’EROV (CINEMA WITH NO IMPEDIMENTS)  which is held annually in Moscow for the past years. 

KRUGLOE OZERO (ROUND LAKE, annually since 1999 )

    Round Lake (RL in short) is a visiting card of BYSA Different-Equal. Since 1999 a ten-day summer camp is held annually on the coast of a lake, a river or a water basin. 25-40 young people from different cites of Belarus and other countries usually take part in it. Incidentally, a great part of the participants are people with some physical restrictions, including the young on the wheelchairs. The essential feature of Round Lake for Belarus is that during the camp  the healthy and the disabled people have equal possibility for rest, going in role playing, sport competitions and getting-together by the campfire. Such a close interaction facilitates the participants analyse  their feelings, understand other people and convince them of the fact that only by our active decisions  each of us can change this life for better.

    The first Round Lake was held in 1999 on the frontier of Vitebsk and Minsk region, on the coast of lake Shvakshty [Швакшты].In 2000 the camp took place near lake Beloe [Белое], Brest region. The third international festival was arranged on the coast of  water basin Pleshchenitsy [Плещеницы], Logoisk district  [Логойский район], Minsk region.  In 2002 the place of the camp was reservoir Vileiskoe [Вилейское]. Besides that it was carried out not far from the river Neman, Stolbtsy [Столбцы] distict and Rodoshkovichy  [Родошковичи ] water basin, Minsk region.

    For many people Round Lake, with its detachment from the everyday comfort, tourist-camping living conditions, becomes a  real adventure, a wonderful discovery, attracts like a magnet. Participants and volunteers from Germany, Czechia, Russia and other European countries look forward for the next Round Lake and it makes them get over long distances. And all this is  only for the possibility to stay there another ten days. So, what is the secret of Round Lake’s appeal? It may become clear for us after reading the diaries of Round lake participants and the  further information .


     The project was fulfilled with the support of German partners - Fortotschka e.V. organization. INFOCENTRE is the first and the only Belorussian web-source, where one has a possibility to get the information about all kinds of organizations, which work  with the disabled people and  for them in Belarus. Besides, those who interested, can find out the information about education, vocational guidance, resettlement, healthcare, rehabilitation, leisure-time arrangement for such people. Here you con also get legal counseling and psychological consultation, find new friends and acquaintances. You are welcome!


    The action took place owing to the help of Swedish Institute and Forum Svenska organisation. A great number of young disabled people visited the exhibition Design For Everybody, which was organised in Minsk. The participants formed an opinion about Swedish design progress including the field for disabled people. Besides that the young were lectured in the activities of Swedish and Belorussian social organisations.


    Educational and informational programme. Mutual project of BYSA Different-Equal and Counterpart Alliance for Partnership Fund. This project was aimed at drawing public attention to the problems of young people living in the regional centers of Belarus. More than 20 conferences were held with the participation of people with physical restrictions, people without ones, and local authorities.  Learn more…


    This project was aimed at adoption of new approaches to the teaching environmental science in Belorussian schools. The participants: teachers and pupils of secondary schools, public and government officials  The project was based on the Swedish model of teaching ecology for children, which includes role-playing, drawing contest,  future school designing and pro-environmental actions. In the framework of this project in one of Minsk urban district Environmentally Safe Wood eco-action occurred. Besides, on the initiative of Different-Equal and with the help of ISAR Fund the pamphlet ECOLOGIK was published. 


    Mutual project of BYSA Different-Equal and Counterpart Alliance for Partnership Fund which was directed to the activity stimulation of the young from different regions of Belarus. Due to this action the youth club for disabled people and their healthy contemporaries was created in Zhodino on the base of regional Centre  of social family service


    Mutual project of BYSA Different-Equal and Swedish partners – DUNS organisation. It is said that active people are always looking for solution of their problems, while lazy ones are looking for excuses. Within the project different regions of Belarus see a number of meetings. Their main aim was to encourage the young who have some physical restrictions to more active life.


    A unique photo exhibition of Zoya Migunova: Almost 40 single and group portraits, in which young disabled people, are imprinted. The first time the exhibition was shown on 1he 22nd of June, 2001 at Minsk Visual Art Gallery ‘Nova’. Later it constantly succeeded in German. 


    The project was carried out with the help of Next Stop – New Life social Association. The performances of the youth groups, competitions, theme events were for using eco-friendly glass houseware instead of harmful plastic one.


    Even if one has some physical problems, it does not mean that the doors of night clubs with its parties are shut for such people. And he or she has the only boring prospect of ridiculous ‘parties’ at the table with a lot of alcohol and traditional songs accompanying with accordion. It is a tradition of Different-Equal to invite various young people to great interesting parties, because it is not necessary to stagger or to dance very well if you want to have fun and make new friends. The fact is that if a person does not retreat into oneself, remains outer-directed, then the others will be interested in him\her.


    Educational project for young leaders undertaken with the help of Next Stop – New Life social Association and Counterpart Alliance for Partnership Fund. The programme was focused on becoming the young at the age of 16-30  a part of  our social life through training qualified and educated social leaders  one of them. As a result the participants could present their own programmes. Learn more…

THE WAY OUT – 2 1999

    The project focused on social adaptation and rehabilitation of young disabled people. The aim of the project was having made a careful study of the disabled needs, to give them a possibility for overcoming internal psychological difficulties concerning their physical shortcomings. IT-courses, psychological training for the successful job placement, language courses, sports and fitness clubs and the possibility of informal communication were at their disposal. Besides, the summer camp Round Lake was held for the first time and  the International Conference on the Disabled People  Rights was organised.

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    Летний интеграционный палаточный лагерь-семинар «Круглое озеро-2022»: Развивайся и отдыхай!

    Белорусское молодежное общественное объединение «Разные-Равные» приглашает молодых людей от 18-ти до 35-ти лет (в том числе и тех, у кого есть различные физические ограничения) провести 10 самых активных, веселых, увлекательных и познавательных дней в летнем интеграционном палаточном лагере-семинаре «Круглое озеро-2022». Целью лагеря является активизация и интеграция молодежи.

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    Дорогие мамы и папы

    Белорусское молодежное общественное объединение «Разные-Равные» приглашает вас принять участие в семинаре для молодых родителей с инвалидностью «Счастливый ребенок – счастливая семья».

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