What we are

    Belorussian Youth Social Association Different-Equal (BYSA Different-Equal ) is an official organization, which has been working since 1999.The term “Belorussian” means that it works in Belarus and for the benefit of Belorussian people.  “Youth” means that our projects are aimed at young people and their unity. We are neither governmental nor business organization. We have united on our own initiative to make the life of our society better. The term “Different-Equal” is symbolic. By this we claim  that our association unites very different people who are entitled to lead an interesting and active life.

Our activities

    Life is something more interesting than just four corners of your flat. We have already realized this fact and now help other people to understand it. Various cultural, physiological, educational programms are carried out by Different-Equal. They help the young to communicate, to cope with physiological difficulties, to fill their lives with new friends, activities and dreams.

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What differs Different-Equal from the others

    First, we do not consider young people to be just invalids (or ‘abnormal’) and healthy (or ‘normal’) people. Our organisation unites people with different level of physical abilities. There are a lot of people with physical restrictions among the participants of our projects. We give disabled and healthy people the possibility to take part in a common interesting action. And the majority of them finally realize the absence of insurmountable barrier between the ordinary and  the disabled people. If you cast aside silly fears and stereotypes, you should see the other aspects and colours of life.
    Second, we are young and modern people, so do not like long boring lectures or ridiculous ‘parties’ at the table with a lot of alcohol and traditional songs accompanying with accordion. As a result, our parties include live interaction, role playing, catching and fascinating competitions etc. 
    Third, Different – Equal do not provide people with humanitarian aid and do not help people who have no wish to change something in their life for better. To reach one’s aim one should not only sit at home complaining about unchangeable fate but do something about it. We help those who has set out for such journey and has taken a first step towards it by visiting a educational meeting of Different – Equal.
    Fourth, there is no subdivision to ‘bosses’ and ‘subordinates’ in our organization. If someone has an interesting idea or an intention to fulfill some fascinating projects pharmacie homme, they may always come to us and suggest them. Members of Different – Equal always can discuss your projects, give a piece of advice and, if can, help to put into practice.


    Our address: 220104, Lynkova str, 8-4, Minsk, Belarus БМОО «Разные-Равные»
(we are young and active  people and we are not fond of staying at one place for a long time. So, if you’re planning to visit us, call first, please) 
Cell: МТС  +375-29 - 635-13-06 (Vadim or Polina)
E-mail: differnet-equal@mail.ru

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  • Round Lake Camp-seminar

    Round Lake is a visiting card of Different-Equal. Ten-day summer camp annually held on the coast of a lake, a river or a water basin since 1999

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